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Aqui você encontra respostas para dúvidas frequentes sobre o Percival e caso não encontre o que procura, basta entrar em contato conosco!

  • Why should I use Percival?
    Percival helps you to decide how much you should pay for each employee in a dynamic, collaborative and multidisciplinary team. A fair remuneration is essential for motivation and retention of good professionals.
  • How does it work?
    Percival allows you to make periodic appraisals rounds with the team and, at the end of each round, provides a clear numeric result based on the team's evaluation of each member.
  • What can be seen on Percival's results?
    Percival's result shows, based on the compiled opinion of the team, what percentage each person on the team should earn from the total team budget so the manager can make informed decisions about bonuses or salary adjustments.
  • When should I do an appraisal?
    We recommend that you run an appraisal with Percival at the end of an important project and when the team salary budget change. We also recommend that you do between two and four appraisals per year, depending on the size of the team.
  • How does Percival compile the appraisal’s results?
    When the admin closes the appraisal, Percival applies a sophisticated algorithm to balance all evaluations and display the fairest result.
  • What is the team size limit?
    Percival does not restrict the size of the team. The only prerequisite is that each person doing the appraisal knows the others involved so the results are accurate.
  • What data is collected about the team and its members?
    Percival only keeps public information provided by the Google authentication tool: full name, email and the profile picture, if available.
  • How do I prepare my team to use Percival?
    Percival's interface is very intuitive and straightforward. What is important is that before starting the appraisal process with Percival you make it clear to your team what is going to be done with the results and who will have access to it.
  • What is the difference between each level on Percival?
    Placing a team member higher means that the collaboration from that person is worth more than the people below. Each level represents a 20% difference.
  • Can I leave gaps between my team members evaluations?
    You can leave as much gap between levels as you want, you can also leave people on the same level if you feel that there isn’t much difference between the value of their work.
  • Who should have access to the results?
    Usually, the managers use the results as a data point when they need to review salaries or reduce the team size. We recommend that, when possible, the results should be shared with the team, transparency creates trust.
  • Is there a time limit to complete the Percival appraisal process?
    No, Percival does not limit your appraisal time. However, as each evaluation is so quick a full team appraisal shouldn’t take more than a few days.
  • What happens if my team changes throughout the year?
    We recommend that if your team changes frequently you should always run a Percival appraisal before changing the team.
  • If a member of my team leaves the company and someone else is hired for this position do I need to pay for an extra license?
    No, Percival’s price model is based on the number of people on your team regardless of who they are.
  • Should the manager be part of the Percival appraisal process?
    If the manager works collaboratively with the team he/she can be part of the appraisal process and their evaluations are going to have the same value as any other person on the team.
  • Can the same person be part of two different teams and consequently participate on two different appraisal processes simultaneously?
    At the moment each person can only participate on one appraisal process at a time. We are working to change this limitation.
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