Fair compensation for your agile teams

Enjoy actionable, individual appraisals with minimal overhead for managers and team members

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Companies improving team engagement worldwide with Percival

How it works

Percival is the only tool that produces a fair, actionable result with the percentage of the "compensation pie" that each person deserves, in the team’s collective opinion


Your team deserves a fair appraisal

No credit card required


Invite the whole team

List your team members and Percival will send them an invitation email


Start a round of appraisals

Each team member expresses their appraisal using a straightforward UI


Get results and insights 

View your team's collective results and uncover all the insights

Three reasons to use Percival


Quick and intuitive. 15 minutes is all that is needed for each team member to express their appraisals using the drag-and-drop


Fair and collaborative

The evaluation is made in a collaborative way so results are not only fair but perceived as fair

Clear results

Percival uses a sophisticated algorithm to find the perfect balance to slice the team's budget taking all appraisals into accounts


Aaron Dignan,
Author of Brave New Work
Founder of The Ready

We make some of our most important decisions with the help of Percival—including how we distribute ownership of the company itself


Altieres Lopes, Partner at Webgoal

One of our biggest challenges was the salary review. Percival helps us a lot, the team can quickly make the appraisal and the results we get are the foundation for our decisions


Paulo Peccin,

Partner at Objective Solutions

We have been using Percival's algorithm for many years with our teams and we trust its results to make important salary decisions  


A fair price for a fair tool

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